0103A – 531

Wasn’t feeling to motivated or energetic this morning, but regardless, the reps must be done.

  1. Bench Press: 120×7, 155×5, 185×4, 230×5, 260×3, 290×6 rep goal achieved; 290×5,4 for total 15 reps, 260×3, 230×12 AMRAP.
  2. DB Incline Press: 70×8, 60×8,8,12.
  3. DB Floor Press: 50×20,20,16.
  4. 500m Row: 1:48… beat last time by 10 seconds.

Gotta admit those warmups were a little rough this morning and my bench a little wonky, but once I hit my top sets, everything felt strong at least.

Also, 290×6 is a rep PR too, but because of fatigue I had to drop the weight of the accessories down.
Still happy with this session!


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