0104E – 531

I was really looking forward to today’s deadlift session. Fueled, RTD.

  1. Deadlift: 135x2x5, 195×5, 245×5, 295x3m 320×5, 370×5,  415×8 rep goal -2, 415×5,3,  370×5, 320×10.
  2. Rack Pulls: 315×8, 495×4,5,5,4. Slow eccentrics with thick wrist straps.
  3. FB Barbell Row: 110×16, 140×10, 170×8, 200×5, 140×10.
  4. 1RM DB Row: 105x4x8.
  5. EMOM 1 min Prowler Sprints x3

A rare day when I didn’t feel rushed. Got all the programmed work in today and did all three EMOM Prowler sprints after all accessories were finished. I think I could have gotten the last two reps on the 415, but feeling fatigued at the conclusion of 8 reps, I decided not to risk it. I’ve had enough of injuries. I’d rather do a little less, than too much and get injured.  Also, my hands were so dead meat after today’s session that they hurt!


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