0105A – 531

I wasn’t too sure how today would go, my sleep was punctuated and I came in fasted and a somewhat weary.

  1. Bench press: 125×5, 185×5, 215×3, 230×3, 250×3 280×8, rep goal +1, 280×6,5, 250×3, 215×13
  2. JM Press: 45×12, 80×8,8,8,9.
  3. DB Incline Press: 65×8,8,12.
  4. DB Floor Press: 50×12,12,14.
  5. Rowing: 500m 1:51, 350m: 1:01.

Bench was soooo good today after a very difficult weekend including panic attacks and then lots of sleep, but the groove was good. It was sweet!
The extra care I’ve been investing in my setup is paying off. I’ve never increased the angle of my chest while increasing leg drive too. I find that in warmups I really work to establish how the bar rests in my hand, how I grip and push with my hands, and how it all makes my bench move more efficiently.

Really good session this morning!


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