0105B – 531

Later start today but the reps had to be done. 

  1. Squats: 135×7, 155×5, 185×5, 225×3, 255×3, 290×3, 330×9 rep goal +2, 330×7, 290×3, 255×10.
  2. 3/3/1 Tempo Box Squats:
  3. DB Goblet Squats: 65x3x10.
  4. Conditioning 10 mins, 4 rounds: 10xInverted Rows, 15 push-ups, 25# OH Plate Raises.

Squats moved very well today. I am beginning to think that whether high or low bad that this set-up is good for me. Bar is moving so well and my cueing is becoming second nature again. Just think only 40 more pounds to go at these reps and I will be back to pre-injury levels. 

I even did all the conditioning I had scheduled for today!


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