0106A – 531

Ah! After this week, only three more weeks to go until I finish this 9 week program and then a merciful deload week.

  1. Bench Press: 125×5, 155×5, 185×5, 235×5, 265×3, 295×6 rep goal achieved, 295×4,4, 265×4, 235×8.
  2. JM Press: 45×8, 85×8,7,8,8.
  3. Incline DB Press: 65x3x8.
  4. 500m Rowing: 1:50, 2:00.

Bench Groove was a little off but made rep goal so that’s something. Had to skip DB Floor Press because of time, but did get in two 500m rowing sprints which yay! I’m getting better at cardio!


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