0106E – 531

Four days into a cut, throttled down my calories from 3200 to 2700. I’ll take no excuses in diminished strength because of it.

  1. Deadlift: 135x2x5, 195×5, 245×5, 295×3, 370×5, 415×3, 465×5 rep goal -1, 465×4,3, 415×3, 370×9
  2. Rack Pulls: 335×4, 425x3x3.
  3. FB Rows: 110×12, 140×8, 170×8, 140×8
  4. Prowler Sprints: 1/1 EMOM x3.

Deadlifts were hard fought today. When I pulled the fifth rep in first set, I knew the struggle bus had left the station with me on it. Rest of the session went well, but skipped 1ARM dumbbell rows because of time, but got the prowler work done.
Three more weeks to go for a much needed deload.


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