On a new tighter daily schedule starting today as I have a lot of big plans in the works. Deadlift: 425×5,5,5,3. Concentrated on upper body tightness and pull on the bar and returned to cueing that I think makes my pull much stronger, tighter, and more explosive. Only did deadlifts today as I’m in an… Continue reading SS01C-7


Heavy bench scheduled for today.  Bench Press 1/3: 290×6,4,3; 230x4x5,8. Bench felt great and groove was grooving today pretty sure that 290×6 was a rep PR too. Floor Press 1/2: 195x4x8. I make sure to place plenty of tension in my triceps through the ROM.  I-Beam Pull-ups: Not sure about these, can’t seem to do… Continue reading SS01A-6

Make-up session for skipping last week and on Wednesday with this weeks altered schedule. BHN Military Press: 55×7, 70×5, 90×4, 100×5, 120×3, 135×7 rep goal +2, 135×8, 100x4x8. Rear Delt DB Row: 25×16, 30×12, 35×10, 40×8, 45×6, 30×4. Cable Face Pullers: 60×20,20,20,20. 25# OH Plate Raises: 20,20,17,17. 10 Min Conditioning: Chin-ups: 5,5,5,5. Push-ups: 15,15,15,15. 42#… Continue reading