02A – 5/3/1 SQUAT – CYCLE 2.x

1) Squat: 115×10, 140×5, 175×5, 210×3, 315×6. BBB: 175x5x10. 2) DB Goblet Squat: 60×16,15,15,12. 3) Calf Raise: 360×20,16,12,12,12. TOTALS: 44,235 lbs. 3 Exercises. 20 sets. 60 mins. 9/10. Notes: Decided to go against squatting 4 plates since I am a bit achy everywhere and instead run another pre-flight of BBB since I am in the… Continue reading 02A – 5/3/1 SQUAT – CYCLE 2.x

The Giant Robot Gym: My DIY Platform Build

I’ve gotten pretty serious into my training and instead of just merely lifting for aesthetics, powerlifting has now become a passion of mine. I live in a pretty remote area and with my limited amount of time that I can possibly train (I train at 430 am most weekdays) and the only gym being severely… Continue reading The Giant Robot Gym: My DIY Platform Build